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Water Makers Bahamas, Bahamas Desalination, Solar Panels Bahamas

Making island life easier

AqSol is a Bahamian company founded on a vision to provide earth-friendly solar power and sea water desalination solutions to make Island Life easy and sustainable

We live here and know the Bahamas.

Power from the sun

Water from the sea

Water distribution

Water Makers Bahamas, Bahamas Desalination, Solar Panels Bahamas

We are a Bahamian company that only offers the highest quality, earth-friendly products designed to improve your quality of life.

Fresh Water Solutions

We offer sea water desalination units in several sizes as well as well or rainwater treatment systems. And we offer a full range of services and peripheral accessories. We work with the best partners in the business.

Neuthox for disinfection

Neuthox is a safe, all natural, yet powerful, multipurpose disinfectant. Powered by Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) Neuthox non toxic yet still potent and it is easy on your skin and sinuses.

Solar Power and Lighting

100% self-sufficient, carbon-neutral solar power and outdoor lighting solutions. We have solar roof tile and solar panel solutions. We have independent solar lighting solutions. All our products are fully independent, powered solely by nature, they are weather-proof, and based on the best technology available.

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