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Reef Marine Park

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Reef Marine Park Authority Townsville, QLD, Australia

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) in Townsville, QLD, Australia, replaced their old inefficient reverse osmosis plant with six WaterCubes. The GBRMPA operates a large outdoor seawater aquarium and the aquarium is a major tourist attraction.

However, during the rainy season, the salt content in the aquariums is often reduced due to heavy rainfall. This is a critical situation as the organisms living in the aquarium are very sensitive to such deviations from their natural living environment. In order to adjust the salt content up, sea water is pumped through the WaterCubes and the brine from the WaterCubes is diverted to the aquariums.

The fresh water is taken to a separate tank. Similarly, during the summer season, the evaporation from the aquariums makes salinity increase. It then becomes necessary to add fresh water from the WaterCubes to adjust the salinity level down. A couple of years after the Reef HQ Aquarium received the first of three new WM9000E-340 RO systems to supplement the WaterCubes already installed.

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