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Exclusive Villas

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Ultimate independence for an exclusive villa in the Bahamas

A homeowner in the Bahamas realized his dream of an exclusive villa, independent of utilities. He wanted to produce his own power and drinking water. Throughout the house, all solutions for electrical installation, air conditioning, building insulation, are aimed at the lowest possible energy consumption and powering the house by solar panels.

For the water installation, the obvious choice for the owner was the water solutions from Aq-Sol water solutions in Nassau. It's compact and energy-efficient, so it saves 60% of the energy compared to other solutions. In combination with solar power, the solution produces high-quality freshwater powered by the sun. The freshwater is pushed to a smallholding tank for short storage and then disinfected again as it enters the house. This means that high-quality drinking water flows through all the facets of the house.

The owner:

“I do save money on my water bill, but the most important thing is the feeling of having full independence from utilities. I produce my own water with my own power. And it's free of any bacteria, virus, and chlorine. Just pure water”.


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