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Breathe easy, Speak easy, Stay safe

The safest mask in the Bahamas is the most breathable, comfortable, and reusable

Filtration efficacy at 99%

Easily adjustable ear straps & nose clip

Reusable up to 30 days

Disinfect with Neuthox or Alcohol


With a Breathability Index of 5.8 compared to 11-12, it is twice as easy to breath in a mPactAir99 mask than in a standard N95 facemask. Designed for athletes, the mPactAire99 brings you the same high performance in breathability and comfort combined with unparalleled safety.

Advanced Filtration Technology

No more foggy glasses. No more “mask-ne” all over your face. No more muffled speech. BMT VirusGuard NanoScreenTMhigh-tech fabrics provides superior filtration and comfort making our masks the leader in both safety and functionality.


BMT VirusGuard blocks and restricts over 99% of all airborne particles larger than 3 microns including viral and bacterial pathogens as well as pollen, allergens, fly ash, and dust. Rated for Bi-Directional Flow, protect yourself and loved-ones from both incoming AND outgoing contaminants.


Good for up to 60 washes! Disinfect your mask with all natural, non-toxic Neuthox or handwash with soap and warm water and you’re ready to wear it again. The environmentally friendly mPackAir99 reduces waste and landfill-usage from single-use and N95 masks.


Our high-tech nanoscreen defense material is twice as breathable than a standard N95 mask while filtering over 99% of all airborne particles and pathogens as small as 3 microns.

Proud Sponsor of the Bahamian Olympic Team

Get some air!


  • Will this mask prevent Covid-19?
    While no mask can guarantee complete prevention of exposure to Covid-19 or any other virus, mPactAir99’s NanoscreenTM Mask has been tested by Nelson Laboratories, a leading provider of microbiological and viral testing and analysis. In testing, our mask proved effective at stopping over 99% of airborne particulates and pathogens down to 3 µm.
  • What is BMT NanoScreen™?
    BMT NanoScreenTM PPE Safety Mask fabrics are functional, high performing filtration fabrics used to produce reusable / washable personal protective safety masks that balance genuine filtration efficiency with comfortable breathability. BMT VirusGuard blocks and restricts droplets carrying viruses and bacteria as well as pollen, allergens, and dust.
  • How is the mask tested?
    Our mask is ASTM F2100 tested for viral and bacterial efficiency by Nelson Laboratories, a leading independent testing agency. In testing, the BMT Nanoscreen™️ Defense filtration technology filtered over 99% of all airborne particulates and pathogens at 3 µm while being twice as breathable as a N95 mask.
  • How long is the mask good for?
    With proper care each mask can be worn for 30 days, or 60 washes, without loss of filtration properties.
  • How do I clean my mask?
    Your mask can be sanitized after wearing by spraying with Neuthox sanitizer, hand washing in warm water with gentle soap or by rinsing it with boiling water. Do not scrub your mask. Allow to air-dry. Do not put in washer or dryer.
  • Why is an mPactAir mask better than a cloth mask?
    Studies show that simple cloth masks and masks without filtration technology do not stop viruses or bacteria. Viruses and bacteria are thousands of times smaller than the strands of cotton or synthetic thread in homemade cloth and non-filter masks, allowing airborne particles to pass directly though them. BMT VirusGuard™️ blocks and restricts a wide range of airborne droplets carrying viruses and bacteria as well as pollen, allergens, and dust.
  • Will the mask cause my glasses to fog up?
    With our unique design and adjustable noseband, your breath should pass directly through the mask and not into your glasses. If you experience fogging, adjust your noseband to ensure a tight seal between your nose and cheeks.
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