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What makes AqSol special?

Water Makers Bahamas, Bahamas Desalination, Solar Panels Bahamas

We can build and install any infrastructure necessary for your desalination system.

Our small and medium-sized water desalination systems, used solo or in parallel, are perfect for homes, businesses and small resorts which lack an abundant, high-quality fresh water supply. We have a system to meet your fresh water needs.

We are a Bahamian company so we know the challenges of island living.

We have an exclusive partnership with AqSep, the Danish manufacture of our Water Makers.

Our Nassau-based, fully qualified service team has you covered; even in the Family Islands.

Our service plane is ready to get our team to you when you need them.

All replacement parts are kept stocked in Nassau.

We keep your water running with no need to import special parts.

How we can help you

Your own water supply

With a desalination system, you can establish your own private water supply. This ensures a steady supply of good water, which is especially important for areas, without available fresh water. (Perfect for islands, small resorts or hotels, etc)

Environmentally friendly

Seawater and saltwater is purified to drinking water quality through reverse osmosis without the use of chemicals or artificial additives. 
Our energy recovery technology ensures extremely low energy consumption.

Abundant Water

The WaterMaker series provides a variety of systems that can produce up to 22,000 liters a day (5,816 gallons) in single units. We tailor our solutions to make sure you have all the water you need for all your purposes. Drinking water, residential use and irrigation.

Compact design

Our desalination units are very compact and their design allows for easy shipping. They can be placed almost anywhere and integrated in the house infrastructure. Our main pumps rotating aksial piston pumps with much lower noise than normal plunger pumps.

Long life, low cost

The design of the system and use of extremely corrosion resistant materials ensure a long service life. The power consumption is much lower than comparable solutions due to our energy recovery technology.

Mineral quality water

The quality of the water is compliant with international standards for drinking water from eg. EPA and WHO and is comparable to mineral water.

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