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Desalination is just part of the equation.

AqSol works with the best partners in the business to provide, and stock, a full range of peripherals to produce the highest quality fresh water.

Every reverse osmosis system requires good feed water from a supply well and high quality components between the source and your tap. At AqSol we focus on energy efficiency, robustness and redundancy in all elements of our full water solutions. When working with seawater, corrosion is always a concern. By working the most knowledgeable partners in the islands we are able to source superior materials such as composites, titanium and 904 super duplex steel, for all components that come into contact with seawater.


A system that combines a submerged well pump in 904 super duplex steel with a titanium pressure sensor and a variable speed drive is just one example of how AqSol creates the perfect balance of energy efficiency, robustness and redundancy for your unique fresh water solution.


Custom solutions designed to meet your needs

Each AqSol fresh water solution is carefully designed to meet each client’s specific needs. For example, for a client requiring a 12,000 gallon per day system we would install two WM 22000E-340 units and cascade control them based on system demand with a closed pressure control loop regulating the feed water flow. To maximize efficiency and durability no element within the system uses more energy than required and every component is made of materials designed to withstand seawater exposure.
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